One Piece Card Game Booster Box OP09 - Four Emperor's

One Piece Card Game Booster Box OP09 - Four Emperor's

One Piece Card Game


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One Piece Card Game Booster Box OP09

A special Booster Pack to Commemorate the 2nd Anniversary!

The cards included in this release are more luxuriously designed than ever before, making them irresistible additions to any ONE PIECE fan's collection!

The New Four Emperors Take the Helm in the 9th Pack!

Luffy and Buggy finally appear alongside Shanks and teach as the new Four Emperors! Many One Piece Odyssey-themed cards also make theri debut in this pack, offering players new strategic possibilities!

New and Existing Cards Can Be Combined to Build Powerful Decks!

Players can use the new cards to strengthen a wide variety of existing decks! What's more, decks built around the new cards are powerful enough to give newcomers a chance to compete with experirenced players!

OP-09 Rarities
Leader x6
Common x45
Uncommon x30
Rare x26
Super Rare x10
Secret Rare x2
Special Card x6
Treasure Rare x1
DON!! Card x1
126+1 card types
*This product also includes alternative art and parallel design cards from the above types


**Product name and details subject to change