Wixoss Booster Box P09 - Conflated Diva

Wixoss Booster Box P09 - Conflated Diva SALE


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Wixoss Booster Box P09 - Conflated Diva

Each P09Conflated Diva booster box contains 20 Booster pack, each pack contains 8 cards.

-Original Anime Series selector conflated WIXOSS LRIGs debut!
-6 NEW Center LRIGs and 2 Assists are listed!

Promotional Item
-"SERVANTLRIG SERIES Part2“, New Center LRIGs drawned as SERVANT
-Hello! Selector Campaign Vol. 2 will be offered as a purchase campaign! The "Old and the “first LURIKURU

Booster Pack Break Down
96 Cards. PI,SR are foil cards:

PI(Piece Rare) 4 types
SR(Super Rare) 12 types
LC(LRIG Common) 35 types
R(Rare) 16 types
C(Common) 21 types
Re 4 types*
TK 4 types


107 Parallel Cards All foil cards:

1st Anniversary Serial Rare 3 types

UR(Ultra Rare) 6 types

SRP(Super Rare Parallel) 12 types

LRP(LRIG Rare Parallel) 10 types

LR(LRIG Rare) 18 types

LC(LRIG Common) 14 types

R(Rare) 15 types

C(Common) 21 types

TK 4 types

MAM 3 types

GR 1 type