Final Fantasy Opus X (10) Booster Box

Final Fantasy Opus X (10) Booster Box - Ultimate TCG Limited

Final Fantasy TCG


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As the iconic Warrior of Light figure suggests, Opus X features numerous characters whispered of in myth and legend and sees the introduction of the new keyword “Damage”, which initiates unique text effects once a player has taken a specified amount of damage. This opens up further tactical options, such as deliberately taking damage or holding off from dealing it in the early game, leading to even more exciting late-game developments than ever seen before!

Players & collectors can also expect more original artwork by the renowned artists, as well as the introduction of a new spinoff from the main series: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings!

Each Booster Box contains 36 Booster Packs
Each Booster Pack contains 12 cards including 1 premium foil card