Battle Spirits Saga Set 3 Booster Box BSS03 - Aquatic Invaders

Battle Spirits Saga Set 3 Booster Box BSS03 - Aquatic Invaders SALE

Battle Spirits Saga

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Battle Spirits Saga Set 3 Booster Box BSS03 - Aquatic Invaders

With the new card color BLUE, all six colors are finally available! Blue lets you destroy your opponent’s deck for maximum impact!

Power extending across all six colors!

Blue spirits with great power such as War Gods are aiming to control each realm’s sanctuary!
Advancing the game state by focusing on nexuses, blue also has effects that can destroy your opponent’s deck!
New cards to strengthen existing archetypes for the other five colors make this the most diverse game meta yet!

The number of different X Rares has been increased from 12 to 14!

For this set only, blue is getting 4 types of X Rares and the other colors are getting 2 each!
This lets you construct lots of different kinds of decks with the new color blue!

Special lenticular token card box toppers!

Included as a box topper is a token card with special lenticular designs that changes appearance depending on the angle. These tokens are alternate art of the two types from BSS02 and a brand new type from this set, BSS03! Players who use tokens in their powerful green decks, added in BSS02, or in their white decks won’t want to miss these special bonus token cards!


Total: 272 Card Types
Common (normal/holo ver.) x68
Uncommon (normal/holo ver.) x32
Rare (normal/holo ver.) x24
X Rare x14
Special Rare x9
Saga Rare x1